Desktop application development

Development of PC applications

Need a desktop application?

I can develop simple desktop applications that makes your work more efficient. I'll help you automating your business processes and make your life easier!

Mobile application development

Development of mobile applications

Need a mobile application for Android or iOS?

I make your wish come through by helping you with your mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms. There is no better way to share your idea or company with the world with a mobile application !

Web application development

Development of web applications

Need a website or web application?

I make you a mindblowing website to show off your company or yourself. Or I'll help you automate your processes with a well suited web application.

PC repair

Repairing of PC's and laptops

PC or laptop broken down or need an upgrade?

I can fix your PC or laptop as fast as possible. I'll repair anything that's possible and upgrade anything that's needed.

Free advice

Free computer related advice

Need any advice?

Feel free to mail or call me for some free advice on computer related decissions or questions.